Friday, July 27, 2012

Family reunion on the Yellowstone

We are enjoying a family reunion on the Yellowstone River about 35 miles north of the park. There have been 45 of us (all our descendants, plus various spouses) in a lovely ranch house this week. The days have been sunny and warm, the evenings cool - couldn't be better. Today we are tubing down the Yellowstone. The families will use a calm stretch for a 'float' of about 2 hours. Then in the afternoon the more athletic among us will do a 'bumpy' ride down some white water. I'd recommend this vacation site to anyone. Contact me if you would like to find out more about this vacation rental. I'm going to write a review for the owners so others will know it's a great place.

Interestingly, we're not far - only a few hours - from Triple Divide itself!

Sites like this inspire me to write stories. What would my character do here? What trouble would Sharlie or Sissy get themselves into, what romance would Annie Skye find here, musical or otherwise? What would Sally do and who would she rescue? Or maybe there's a new character I haven't met yet. There's nothing like a rugged setting and rapidly changing conditions to stimulate those story juices.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to No Adventures Today. As the grandmother of this clan, the Grammy of all of them, I look forward to a calm float with maybe just a few bumps into a grandchild here and there. I'm fine to have the adrenalin limited to my characters - leave my grandkids alone!

We'll see, we'll see. The only thing we know is that there will be surprises.

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