Friday, July 13, 2012

Comments about Triple Divide

After I posted on Facebook that Triple Divide was a story about two girls, their mom, and hiking in Glacier National Park, I got this comment. Do you agree?

I beg to differ. It's about grief, and restructuring a family after a death. It's about family relationships and coming of age much too young. Posted by Elizabeth Adams Reeves, author of several indie books.

And Bobbie Stasey wrote this:

Did this happen to you? And to your sister? Did you dad die when you were 12? If not, you did a terrific job making up all the metaphors for grief and loss. Oldest sibling taking care of mom and the kid, learning how to cook, etc. And the hiking, forcing all three to learn how to be self-sufficient, of just placing one foot in front of the other to carry on. And the obscure friend with the divorced mom who just could not be there for her. And the reference to "what if we lost the only parent we have?" All these deeper meanings for a young person to identify with, a person with only one parent.

The answer to this is no, this isn't my life story.

Triple Divide IS a story about two girls and their mom and hiking at Glacier National Park. And it is about grief and overcoming it and a young woman taking on the role of fixing things too early. And most of that is not autobiographical. That's what I think.

What I want to know is what you think. What is Triple Divide about to you? Or your daughter? Or the two of you together? I'll be happy to share your comments, with permission. Thanks for sharing! Peg

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